As I Was

I sit and think,

Unaware of my surroundings,

And could not speak.

For I could not believe,

What I already know to be true.

It hurts, a lot.

But how can it hurt when I’ve been so numb?

I must have been so dumb.

I couldn’t see

What was lying before me.

It must have been a while since I’ve felt.

For now I see,

For now I know,

For now I feel.

It must have been an hour.

They came rushing in,

Holding what I believe to be my fate.

How long until I know how much longer I have to wait?

I know at this point,

What was lying before me.

So I stand,

Not so grand,

Ignoring what I hear,

And I accept what’s about to happen


Now I look back

And I smile.

Not because I’m proud

But because I know I did the right thing

This poem is about: 
Our world


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