Negativity; by Xubair

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 12:18 -- xubaire


You try your best to see the light.
In a blinding sheet of darkness.
You ignore and try to forget.
But yet it doesn't feel right.
You spiral down into the depths of negativity.
Falling into a trance of numbness.
Everything becomes a blur.
Finished,  is gone,  the person you once were.
You utter a word. 
But still they are not heeded.
Your pour yourself into life both body, mind and soul.
You speak and speak but still you are not heard.
You wonder and wonder.
What if it could be? 
But is it real or just a false reality?
You look for a person.
But they do not search for you.
Why you ask? 
Because in the end it is you and you and you.


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