Easy Target; By Xubair

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 12:23 -- xubaire


Because it is vulnerable, an option, you might see.
Wide out in the open, entire visibility.
It crafts, a craft, but craft it cannot. 
Where art thou? What could it, even be?
A short lived existence, a simple fantasy. 
A millisecond of a second. 
Or an entire eternity?
Chaos,  malevolence.
No serenity?
No where to go or run.
Like a deep, rooted tree. 
A wish of a prayer. 
A prayer of a wish. 
Here it be, until the deed is done.
An easy target, is what it comes to be.
For a millisecond and an eternity. 
Utter melancholy but pure serenity.
An easy target, is what it comes to be.


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