What You Told Me

With the light shining on my face,

You told me I look full of grace.

When I flared my nose while I was upset with you,

You told me it was me you wanted to pursue.

When I cried about something so small,

You never have a look of appall.

When I cupped your delicate strong face,

You told me we were going to get our own place.

When I share my new favorite book with you,

You told me you really liked it too.

When I told you I didn’t like myself,

You said you loved me yourself.

When I shared my hot tea with you,

You acted like it tasted new.

My parents even approved of you,

But you were reason why I went I through what I went through.

What about those times you told me

The other girl was beautiful

And you could make her fall for you?

What about those times you told me

I wasn’t worth it

And then you told me you were only upset?

What about those times you raised your voice at me

And you told me you hadn’t meant it.

You blamed it on puberty

And I brushed it off.

What about those times you called me everything

But my name,

And you told me it was just a faze?

What about that time you raised your angry balled fist

And you hit me with every ounce of anger coursing your veins?

You told me I was an angel,

And you told me everything I wanted to hear,

Before you told me it was an accident?

What about that time you got so mad,

You beat me up,

And told me to never show my face to you?

Well, what about that time you finished me

With amusement and pleasure on your face?

You left my blood all over the place

And my parents glaring at you with disgrace?

What did you tell me then?

You told me those eight haunting words:

“I do this because I love you.”


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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