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We may wake up Looking at a faded brick wall That covers our path From achieving it all We may have lost hope And closed all our doors Believing that no one cares anymore
Alexis Penuelas    5318 Barbados Circle   Stockton,CA. 95210   alexispenuelas14@yahoo.com  
I am awesome. graduated. Enrolled into cal state la one 9 month old daughter and another on the way some people say they are burdens  no sleep no success no vacations little do they know but they are my motivation
The world is full of pain. Folks run around all deranged.  When life becomes too much,  Some wonder what to clutch. Ask not why and how; instead kneel and bow. Call not on Earth but Jesus,
I know it's hard. Life can be unfair sometimes.  Your parents can get on your case. You feel neglected. You didn't make the cut. You didn't do as well as you wanted to do on that test. You feel that the stress is unbearable. 
Wow! Where has the time gone Freshman year was terrifying Sophomore year was cool Junior year was an eye-opener And well Senior year is finally here And I feel like an caterpiller
How we became best friends is like lightening. I guess I never really saw it until I heard myself ridicoulously laugh because no one has ever made me snort like that before.
You know what's awesome to me? School. You know what's even more awesome to me? High school. The first great thing about high school is timing. I get to get up every morning at 6 a.m., 5 if I'm lucky.
When I was just 3, a baby, a child, My mother would tell  me, of course with a smile, Eat your vegetables dear and don’t look so sour, For there are children in Africa starving by day and by hour.  
    When life threw YOU lemons, 
I wake up
He Left Me.   He left me before he even walked in. He left me before I even knew. He left me before he even said hello.   He left me before he even walked in.
Down. Up.   Sometimes I feel down. Sometimes I feel up. Sometimes I feel really down. Sometimes I feel really up.   Is it true that feeling down means you can only go up?
What's love?   Is love something you eat? What about something you drink? Can I bake love?   What's love?   Is it our moms?  Or maybe our dads?
The papers constantly flip from Shakespeare to logarithms Injecting steroids the books surround, trapping me in a prism Knees quivering under the weight with no beaks so no rhythm
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
So many hard times are falling upon us  No one can get along, what a big fuss Money has become the main priority  Crime has been witnessed by the majority Fear is manifested here, there, and everywhere
You don't know this,
A mother's love should be forever and prevail to no end On her endless love, her child can always depend  
Victory born into a world that is a first then to find out that it favors
What makes me awesome? My passion to learn To love To grow To persevere My past does not define me My future is the finish line
Life is awesome, Life is grand, Life is like happy hands, Life is like a baby grand, Life is awesome, Life is sound, Life is like a sound machine, Life is full of grand ole sound,
In a single day people are born, age, and die. Babies crying for the first time, a mans last breath, counting their stars, last wishes.
My sister is the person most awesome. She makes me laugh all day, every day. With her nothing but laughter can come. She is hilarious in every single way.   My sister is funny, crazy and kind.
Poetry is awesome. Facilitating the spread of unheard and unspoken ideas through poetry is awesome. The ability to convey unspeakable feelings through words is awesome.
Stars dance playfully in the moonlights sky  With birds fly  Moon say bye Sun smile sky    Like a beautiful flower  With energy power  Smelling rose to rose  With our nose 
When you look in the mirror what do you see? You see what your eyes potray as someone who is nothing like me. Someone who isn't "equal". At least this is what society has trained our minds over the years to believe.
When I was born I was given three names
Press 'Play' so that life can begin. Be introduced into into a new world that you have never been. Fast forward to a better time and remind yourself along the way
My own thoughts form the maelstrom The chaos that absorbs me. The people that once pointed out my flaws
I am the kaleidoscope of colors on a breathtaking sunset Like a graceful swan, I float through my troubles I am golden like the rays of sunshine Calming and tranquil I come from light and happiness
Love is like a scrumptious truffle, filled with blissful surprises Brings tender joy and delight Feels warm and fuzzy inside Melts away all troubles
From place to place This ability allows me to move Some people do not have it It is not appreciated by some And others just do not have a clue If it was taken away from you You would miss it dearly
The flowers of plants don’t do much. They sit and look pretty, for all to admire. But many people do not understand why it takes so long for the flower to bloom.
Once upon a time in a far away land
Each year Older Wiser Sadly  Not taller But hey Prospective  Its essential  In life To thrive In a world  Where without  Everything is lost
Walking to where the water meets the sand is a suspenseful moment.   Will the water be cold or will it be warm?   Will I get in or take a step back?  
His heart so big,
The sound of pure joy fills the air.
Walking through life's thought, how much does it take to hurt the worse,  pain of my childhood rushing by "ouch", so many sigh, just thinking about which time is the best time to cry,
The tiny glints of light they shine a blinding bright So far they seem to be that they never see us but we dream about them The galaxies abundant with suns, planets, moons, asteroids, and stars
The heart beats like a steady drum, Bringing with it a childs laugh, Down the road a dog barks, As the wind whistles by, Memorys of yesterdays storm litters the roads, I stop to pick up a fallen branch,
They are different, they ar
Day after day problems arise, The debt collectors call isn't much of a suprise.  There's no milk in the fridge,  and the baby is crying.  Your son missed the bus,  and the car keys are hiding. 
I remember the high pitch scream I heard from downstairs It tickled the hairs in my ears And tightened my blood flow I ran downstairs and saw Mama cry The heat from my hot tears kissed my cheeks
One day I recieved a gift, i realized giving was awesome...so now i give to my community I decided to give a flower to my mother, and she smiled so bright
What is there in the world today? That makes us pause and find our way.   Nature's charm escapes our mind Yet it's really not that hard to find.   We need to search, to look, to see
My eyes are opened by the sunshine gazing through my morning window. The view is awesome.   My family is bustling as they are rising to a new day. The sound is awesome.  
Danger zone   Its crazy how we can go from friends to enemy's
The month of October is very special to me because it gave me life My mother and me are the daughters of October Her the 22nd and me the 7th I am my mother's only daughter and the youngest of her three children
met you in the fourth grade back when we were just ten spent half my life with you every step since
Ice cream slid down the corner of his mouth, same way my heart sank when I looked at him.
True happiness Come out, leave the awful stuff aback I want love and happiness See how happy you make me feel So powerful i feel for more I love you and want you in my life True happiness
  The need for attention, the need for support  Giving more than putting in Riding the relationship more than horses Attempting to help, willing to fall
A book can be diminutive or tall. The print can be massively large or small. Never judge a book by its cover,
She had long beautiful, flowing shiny hair Eyes that would hypnotize you if you were to look into them
She had long beautiful, flowing shiny hair Eyes that would hypnotize you if you were to look into them
Caramel complexion, Indigenous gaze. Heart pumping out historias, our ancestors live. Brown girl you're gorgeous, A treasure on your  own.
Every time we open our mouths And thoughts begin to just pour out, IDEAS are traded and brought to light
Listen closely as I tell The story of a man who lived in a shell He lived inside and never ventured out, But his own humanity he began to doubt. When he tried to turn and take control,
Awesome-- The way I can describe everything in my life. The air I breathe,
This poem is written in memory of my great-grandmother, Edna R. Mapp. She was awesome!   When the dew from the grass wakes you and you feel alone Know that I will be there
Happiness is truly awesome It has no limits or bounds. Happiness is something shared by everyone No matter how sad one may feel, they can find sadness in the tiniest things. Happiness is contagious
Love between the pages is a poet's dream. I write a love song for you. You compose a melody for me. Because, you see between the pages is where I love you the most.
I am so peaceful, So comfortable in my pain. It seems like such a scary thing, But it all feels the same.   Because I know if I were happy, I would never understand The realities of life-
Like Jill Scott im so blessed!
Freedom Stand up for what you believe in Fight for what you believe in Even bleed for what you believe in We are all born with it as we cry our way on to the American soil   Freedom
I am not very big Yet the weight of how much I miss you has broken the scale. I want you back As someone submerged in the deepest sea wants a final breath,
Everything is awesome Everything is nice Everything can make a difference In somebody’s life   So when you’re sad or scared And life gets really tough Just think of something awesome
They say god gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers Truth be told life’s a battle when you’re getting older In his name I pray, in his name I pray No need for luck no need for magic I put my faith in him
Life; It piles on and on and on Breaking back, achy knees The strong connection felt with your comforter Pleading for you to wrap yourself in it Your shield from the real world.  
When marchers stand in a two-by
Thinking you where different Thinking you were exactly what I needed Thinking you were perfect for me But who ever thought thinking could be so wrong Thinking we were the cutest couple ever
deep in the ocean
Missed that one point on my test that would've made my score an A,  I failed, but won.  Suffered through a depression before my freshman year of college, I failed, but won. 
Jazz like Doodle dee bopp bopp doo doo. Or maybe a rap about love or catching the flu. Or a slow jam about a special one who makes you happy. Or what about a pop song about winter or how your day was crappy.
A poem dedicated to someone awesome:    Dreams were a gift to escape my constant fear.  Enter some abstract world where I wasn't scared.   
Remember when you were a child?   Running free outside, When your aspirations were wide. Swinging on the swings and pretending you had wings.    Watching cartoons on a sunday afternoon.
On this day she had been born, On this day she had said her first words to loving her mother, On this day she had took her first steps, On this day she had stayed up til night playing with her sister,
It may not seem so easy
You can't keep me down you can't count me out I am a heavyweight fighter that refuses to be knocked out   Though I may stumble and sometimes hit the ground I jump back up vigorously
The night brings difficulty and sometimes pain  just like when the sun is covered or drowned by the rain You feel that there is no where to turn no one to blame But some how the storm came and settled right in your lane
You may often find that life can bring An unusual amount of distressing things   But what’s important is that you sigh
Smile My smile Is cover art For the bigger picture beneath & I pray you don’t discover the true me My lips are silhouettes of pain A cabalistic crevice that stifles
Times get tough, Friends come and go, Life can be rough, But it is you who will glow. The sun will still rise, the clock will still tick, you just have to take everyday as a prize,
This is the Yum Year where every flaw is awesome !
There are dogs whistling outside of the Monastery Mountains. Water crashing into rocks, like the wind yelling at the sun during winter— pushing it further and further away from reality— your reality.  
1041.7 miles every hour, is the speed at which the earth rotates But that speed seems a lot slower when you stop and realize all of things that are great.
In mere seconds all can change. We can lose ourselves and yet we still remain. People enter our story a chapter at a time, some heroes and others villians. We all look for love but but sometimes it finds us. Fear can rule us and so can need.
The beauty in what we see ,started before there was a "you" and "me" Before society burned fuels and cut away our trees. Before the air we breathed was filled with air of pollution and debris.
Every bad thing comes with something good
From the air we breath to the gifts we recieve To the sun that shines down, on our small, little town Everything is Awesome We have family everywhere,  Moms who comb our hair.
​spoken but not heard Heard but not listened too Seen but paid no mind Only to realise no one cares Guess that's life....
it's hard to be aware of the moving world around the whipping and rushing and tripping and gushing it's hard to stay with your feet on the ground   and it's much too easy to lose that footing
A bagel with jelly A bagel with jam
You know what's awesome?  The days you took us to the park in the little green wagon and time seemed like it didn't exist When you walked me down the block and waited for me to get on the bus and when it was cold
Stages of Eternity By: Carly Hufford   Countless light bulbs with iridescent hopes lighting the dim night, reminding me to live is to soar beyond the scrapes the pavement gives me. “Mama,
As she gazed upon the dark night sky, A small twinkle caught her eye. Slowly closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath, She makes her wish. Too her suprise, A firmiliar face appears in her mind's eye.
In this world full of hurt and pain,
I laugh at the sorrow, I smile at the pain; Knowing that from pity There's naught for me to gain.My thoughts may turn to darkness; My enemy may be me; But slowly, I am learning
Your skin, it breathes Your hair, it speaks, Your mouth it loves. You speak gods into the minds of men and your silence shakes the Earth that supports you Its hard to feel awesome, when pain lingers
I Life knows no boundaries it’s free, like a bird. Free like the winds. Hence the ocean flowing. II Life can be lived short, like a miser. But mind you, no wiser. III
A Letter to My Future Self   Dear Future Me,   If you are reading this letter, That means you are in your early twenties. Fresh out of college
Man meets woman with a sword in hand Like shooting stars caused by fate they clashed Falling into territory they didn't know where to land Original plans were shaken and not trashed  
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