Life Is Amazing

Wed, 07/29/2015 - 13:28 -- KatlynG

Day after day problems arise,

The debt collectors call isn't much of a suprise. 

There's no milk in the fridge, 

and the baby is crying. 

Your son missed the bus, 

and the car keys are hiding. 

The sitter is late,

and your shirt isn't dry.

Your boss says you only get one more try. 

You leave the baby with a neighbor,

and take your son to his school. 

You get to work late,

but there was nothing you could do. 

When the day comes to an end, 

and you finally get home, 

you feed you family their dinner

and help your son with his work.

As you read your kids a story, 

and see the smile on their faces, 

you can help but think, 

"Wow, life is amazing." 





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Our world


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