I Will Enter the Ocean

Walking to where the water meets the sand is a suspenseful moment.


Will the water be cold or will it be warm?


Will I get in or take a step back?


Do I want to stay in the sand or do I want to enter the ocean?


Being on the beach reminds me of the transition into being a college student. 


I do not know if my peers will shut me out or welcome me with warm, open arms. 


Will I get invloved with my peers and join clubs and activities? 


Here is the suspense. It has overwhelmed me to a great deal...


But, I will enter the ocean, and I will get my feet wet. Change is awesome, so I will not let my overwhleming thoughts take over me.


After all, they do say college is AWESOME! And for that, I will enter the ocean.




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I'm glad your fears were faced. This world gives us access to some wonderful experiences. Great story!


lovely, god bless you dearly!

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