Awesome is what My Best Friend is

How we became best friends is like lightening.

I guess I never really saw it until I heard myself ridicoulously laugh because no one has ever made me snort like that before.

But I seen his boltz eluminate my world and I always did feel the beautiful fire of his rays ignite the better part of my soul. 

And that pungent feeling of happiness rising up out of the ashes that is me, the nothingness I became and  have overcome was a relief and he is awesome.

Awesome is what my best friend is.

We ride on the same wave length patterns of emotional frequencies

And flatline at the exhausting peak of joy. 

We are some how connected in ways I cannot know other than simply as apart of each other.

And that type of knowing, that type of consistency is scary in the best way possible- To know someone is always there even when you are too lost or too timid to call. 

When my stomach pains with hunger and dispair, he comes down the hall with my favorite shade of perfectly yellow ripe bananas that take the nuisance of hunger away before I can even open my wallet at the vending machine.

When I'am sad and blue in the face, best friend is already planning our next adventure, our next endeavor to watch all the upcoming Marvel movies in theaters,  because only he knows watching Iron Man kick the next vilan's butt is my remedy.

When I'am at a lost for words, not knowing what will be my next poem, my next chapter in my repertoire of stories, best friend already has his own whole novel imtimately outlined in his brain. 

And there as his voice fades into the depths of my writing imagination, I see the silver lining...

Not just in the genuis story I know he will someday create, but in my best friend,

For being my Mercutio,

for being on the same wave length as me and knowing how to make me myself again.

Fun is as dry as water, As scarce as the sun at the bottom of the Pacific.

I cannot drive, or cook. I do not have a job or a father. 

But I have best friend that exists only in the movies, one who is parallel to me!

There is nothing more awesome than finding a person who meets you more than half way.

Someone who actually will travel the whole distance with you, and know all your favorite stops on the way to the place you both coincidently want to go. 

I cannot fully describe it, and best friend cannot fully be defined nor can his capabilites fully be outlined. 

But take my word for it, he is awesome. And I'm lucky because he is mine.


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