I'm me

You don't know this,

But I am sullen

I am grieving

I am alone I walk the earth burdened with this feeling

This empty shell

Left here to be blindsided

Left here to be the one unchosen

I'm a shadow

I'm the omega

I'm the drops of water that are left untouched

I am lost I am lonely

I'm not good enough

Because every time I think I can I can't

I'm a failure

I'm nothing special

I'm not unique

I'm only human

I'm capable of feeling

Tears are apart of my daily trials

But lately it seems I've had enough

No more judgment

No more what if's

No more trying to be better then the person

I'm trying to beat I have myself

I am dependent

I am real

I'm my reality

I'm my own hero

I'm the ashes from my grave

I 'm the strength from the walls I have build

I am strong and I am capable

I'm the strings that holds me whole

All my flaws

They make me a fighter

I'm fighter because of my failures and my mistakes and all the things I've fallen into

I'm me

Because I've gotten out of those things

And yet here I am

I might be broken and I might not be as wanted or as appreciated

But Im only one

I'm one soul

But I am many

I can tolerate pain

I won't break in fear of non existence

I might shrivel up

But I won't give up

So yes I'm not perfect

I'm not inspiring

I might be a little tragic

I might be unsettling

But I never changed who I was

Not once I

never pretended to be another

I don't wear a mask

I don't share my feelings

But I don't lie about them either

I am honest

I an loyal

And I am trustworthy

I am open

I am straightforward

I'm even a bit prideful and a bit funny

Because I can't help it

I love to laugh

It's rare for me to smile

But when I do It's genuine and it's real

I hold no secrets

Only secrets I can not tell

I am different

I am rare

I am the listener

I'm not perfect

But I am striving

I'm hoping for the time

The time where I see my greatness

But the thing is my greatness is this

My greatness is feeling this weakness

It's feeling alone

But still feeling alive

I can take on the world

I have more of a backbone

I might not be as liked

But I'd rather be loved by a few

So I might be non existent

But then again

Everyone is

So I'll use my time wisely

Because sometimes the rarest flowers are the latest to bloom

But the most gracious

Sometimes the darkest pasts are the ones who shine the brightest

So yes I am a shadow

I am the omega

And I am a pawn

But so are you

So let's just finish this journey with acceptance

Because I accept who I am

Do you?







This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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