​spoken but not heard 
   Heard but not listened too 
      Seen but paid no mind 
         Only to realise no one cares  
                      Guess that's life.... 

Born,raised,and left to find a path called `yours'.  
     Opened your eyes and seen the future planned without you
plans only a few would help
                                              but their The one you unexpected 
the one that pick you up,
                   When your down,
                        Given up when all hopes 
                                                               We're lost,
                                                                    And you had enough ...

Seen you behind your mask that fooled everyone around you .
 The smiles,jokes,laughters, personality,that covered sorrows 
   Sadness,loneliness,depression,and emotion all under one invisible blanket
                                     Becomes visible
Only to realised the one,the unexpected,was     
                                                                                        you all along

                                                               By: Shirlynn cleophat 


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