Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time in a far away land
Walt Disney created something in the palm of his hand
It seemed simple at the time but little did he know 
It would last for generations and never away would it go.
Every story has meaning, they all start with the chime
Each one begins with "Once Upon A Time"
It started with Mickey and Minnie he drew
Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto too! 
The Hundred Acre Woods was another creation 
Christopher Robin's Winnie the Pooh was a new sensation
With Tigger, Piglet and all his honey jars to find 
Winnie the Pooh began with "Once Upon A Time."
His next adventure began with Snow White
This dark headed maiden saw love at first sight 
Her friends were so sad, they were seven in number
When she bit from the apple and fell into deep slumber 
This story's ending will surely blow your mind 
And it all began with "Once Upon A Time" 
Incorporating life lessons was his greatest invention
He taught us many things with good intention
Pinocchio teaches us that lying is wrong 
Everytime he tells a fib, his little nose gets long
Our little friend Thumper says our words should be kind 
And these stories began with "Once Upon A Time" 
Our second princess then comes into being
Cinderella tells us that our dreams have a meaning 
With the dash of a wand and "Bippatee Boppatee Boo" 
Cinderella goes to the ball and her mice friends too! 
Her glass slipper is misplaced when she hears the clock's chime 
It all began with "Once Upon A Time"
Next we shall visit Neverland
With the fairy Tinkerbell and Peter Pan 
On the island, lurks Captian Hook
He's the evil villain in this book 
With Tink's special dust they are able to fly 
And it all begins with "Once Upon A Time" 
Our next princess is half human, half fish
She lives under water, but land is her wish
Her  friends are many under the sea
Scuttle, Sebastian, and Flounder are three 
Ariel's voice in this story is one of a kind
And it all began with "Once Upon A Time" 
A cabinet full of friends enters our next story 
But we can't let them have all of the glory
Mrs. Pott's, Chip, and the mighty candlestick
Help Belle tame the Beast, but it had to be quick
As the rose petals fall, the spell's at its prime 
And again it began with "Once Upon A Time" 
Next we go to Africa with a little lion cub 
His name is Simba, son of Mufasa, and Nala is his love 
We can't forget Timon and Pumba, the goofballs of this tale
Even when Mufasa falls, they make sure good prevails 
Simba takes his father's place as the leader of his kind
And once again this fable starts with "Once Upon A Time". 
Next, we come to a lovely tale that goes by the name of Tangled 
It's all about a wide- eyed girl, who's glowing hair gets mangled
Trapped in her tower, she longs to know of what causes her separation 
And why her long hair magically heals when she sings that incantation 
In desperation to save Rapunzel, Flynn makes the treacherous climb
And as you can guess, this story takes off with "Once Upon a Time."
Last but not least, our most recent story turns a little bit chilly
Frozen is a tale of two beautiful sisters and a snowman who's quite silly 
Elsa seeks refuge in the Arendelle forest since she can't contain her powers
While Anna's quest to save her sister consumes her final hours
True love's rescue uniquely comes not from her "Prince Charming" 
Elsa's embrace thaw's Anna's heart all in perfect timing
This is where our journey ends, I hope you've had a ball 
And now you know that Once Upon A Time is the phrase that started it all.
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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