Everything is Awesome SLAM

Every bad thing comes with something good

Just how my brother, my father, my mother and me have to work 40-60 hours every week, how our aching backs are the evidence of our hard work. Feeling and appreciating the pain is a reminder  that i get to live another day.

Pain is good.

Think about that time you complained about not being rich. Of why you ddin't get a two-storie home, a brand new car, and had to work for every single thing you ever wanted or needed. Realising that not having everything handed to me thought me the value of things, responsibility, and appreciation for the smallest gestures of comansion.

Humble is good.

Remember every joke, every stereotypical comment, every complain that anybody ever said about your beliefs, your physical appearance and your self worth? Just know that it gave me a vivid definition of ignorance, a perfect example of how not to treat people. I became who i am today.

Tolerance is good.

Life is good.

You are Awesome. I'am Awesome. The world is Awesome.

Everything is Awesome.

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Our world


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