Nights Bring About Daylight

Sun, 07/05/2015 - 20:59 -- SirExC

The night brings difficulty and sometimes pain 

just like when the sun is covered or drowned by the rain

You feel that there is no where to turn no one to blame

But some how the storm came and settled right in your lane

the funny things about nights is that they must come to an end

with the new day ushering in the sun ready to peak in

and just in case it rains know that it can purify

cleansing your soul of its hate given you time to clarify

and justify an ends to a mean

Where you can find happiness in the simplest of things

like watching the sunset slowly behind the trees

or watching a flower bloom sometimes something only seen in your dreams

or laying in the night engulfed in a stars beam

all of these things are simple and pure 

things that you must wake up to cherish and then you will see

that no hardhsip lasts forever and you will once more be filled with glee




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