My Future: Awesome

Mon, 07/06/2015 - 17:48 -- Madfern

It may not seem so easy

At least not every day 

But lucky for me,
I can see 
That I'm only a step away
Each breath in-out I feel it 
My pulse lub-dub, lub-dub
Inside of me 
And I'm only a step away
My dream is so much closer
Than it has ever been 
And I'm only a step away
I have to say it's awesome 
The studying, the stress
This life that I lead;
Indeed so blessed
And I'm only a step away
I have an education 
A bachelors, no less
And with my degree 
I plan to be 
Just one little step away
A job lies just before me
I want, I reach, I need 
To give back truly
Read the EEG
And work in an awesome place. 
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Interesting take on achieveing your goal of becoming a doctor, I assume from reading the poem.

I like the inclusion of the sound of the heartbeat. That was nice.

I have a question? Why did you choose to leave in "and" in front of "I'm only a step away"? I tend to favor leaving conjunctions out of my poetry but what's your take on it?

Keep writing =)

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