When Thinking Was Wrong

Thinking you where different

Thinking you were exactly what I needed

Thinking you were perfect for me

But who ever thought thinking could be so wrong

Thinking we were the cutest couple ever

Thinking we had a chance at Prom King and Queen

Thinking I we was so in love nobody could come between us

But who ever thought thinking could be so wrong

Thinking going out every other weekend was the best

Thinking making you a "MAN" would make it even better

Thinking you was so in love you couldn't hurt me

But then I thought could thinking actually be wrong

Thinking started to be the problem







Thinking you wasn't trying to control me

Thinking this was just a small argument

Thinking you understood I didn’t want to talk about it

Thinking you understood I needed space

But then thinking became oh so wrong

Thinking you wouldn’t disrespect me in front of people we both cared about

Thinking you wouldn’t harass me

Thinking you understood the pain you caused me

Thinking you would never talk bad about me

Thinking we would never end...

But finally found out, in the hardest way, thinking is very misguiding

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