Thirteen Ways of Looking at Life

Life knows no boundaries it’s free, like a bird.
Free like the winds.
Hence the ocean flowing.
Life can be lived short, like a miser.
But mind you, no wiser.
Impactful, it can be.
Don’t be a fool, leave your mark.
Change the world for the greater.
Live it lax, waste away.
You’ll come to regret it in a day.
In a hammock, by all means sway.
Use this blessed time to cast away,
All means of enlightenment.
Live them naive.
Close yourself off to all other folk
Perhaps you’ll be looked upon as a joke.
But on your words you’ll only choke.
Let your anger control you.
Be a volcano, spew out your fire.
Fall victim to your endless rage.
Be passionate, love all
And hate none.
Before your life’s end you’ll be done.
Insist upon optimism
Perhaps you’ll receive the optimum
of many good and bad choices to come.
Be a forest, of new opportunities
Others will gravitate to you.
Be somthing new.
Start life anew, become something different.
Perhaps in the in you’ll find it’s for the best.
And all of your precious thoughts be put to rest.
Become as you please.
Does this move you?
Do my words seek your mind?
Embrace then, let them become thine.
Well? Why do you sit there so benign?
Impact our world or leave it behind.
The choice is yours choose wisely.
Yet, there’s not a doubt in my mind.
That each and every one of you has a soul to unbind.

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Our world


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