When Life Threw YOU Lemons


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When life threw YOU lemons, 

You had a way of not letting them show.


I never knew the lemons existed,

 Until it was then my turn to know.


I never knew the lack of sleep, the stress that you were under and how your mind was never at rest,

All I ever remember experiencing was the best lemonade made by a super woman with an S across her chest.


Now that I'm older I have tasted the lemons and even been hit by some too,

I'm reminded of your strength, courage and love so I know I too can get through.


You told me to keep my eyes on Jesus so my hope will always be in Him,

I now know what you meant because like you, I can’t depend on "them."


So I thank you for all you've taught me, but most of all I thank you for the lemonade, 

Mom because of you I know that everything is awesome even when lemons try to rain on my parade. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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