Danger Zone

Mon, 07/27/2015 - 16:50 -- Imlew1
Danger zone

Its crazy how we can go from friends to enemy's

It feels like just the other day u were falling in love with me
Now we walk past each other and contemplate if we should speak
Every Time i try to move on you make a fool out of me
You call me out my name i get mad threaten to leave 
but here i stay now ur back inside of me
They say that tomorrows a better day but what happens when ur tomorrow is a repeat of the bs that happened yesterday 
Im sick in tired of these guys 
who tell you these bs lies 
who look right into ur eyes  and tell you everything is gonna be alright 
you know the ones with that overly charming manipulating smile  but ultimately the only thing that makes them act right is that sweet gushy stuff that  you got between your thighs 
Is it me or is this just my fate ?
To give my all love to a dude and have it thrown back in my face ?
Nah f  that I'm done 
My minds filled with bullets but my heart wont pick up the gun
Id say forget love but i don't really mean it
Seems like the only time i felt love was when i would dream it
Im not hurt or mad not even gonna speak cause every time i would feel happiness seems like the devil would take it from me and no im not talking about the firey hell demon no im talking about the one  dude that we all trust and believe in 
I say it all the time but who am i kidding even if i stop loving him i know ill never leave him
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