Brown Girl Empowerment


United States
33° 28' 24.6036" N, 84° 30' 4.4784" W

Caramel complexion,

Indigenous gaze.

Heart pumping out historias,

our ancestors live.

Brown girl you're gorgeous,

A treasure on your  own.

Naturally tan,

With god given curves.

Rhythm so sensual,

You're ethnic to the bone.

Perfected by culture,

Native to this world.

You reflect real beauty,

dark eyes and black curls.

You awaken my desires,

not those other privileged girls.

Brown girl don't be ashamed, 

Your roots hold you up to royalty.

Decendent of great warriors,

you stand for good and loyalty.

You were meant to not fit in;

redirected fate, manipulated characteristics,

Colonized tongue and mixed skin. 

you're a powerful Queen of this land

because your existence is resistance, 

of a system that excludes you,

and fogs up your image in front of a social mirror

claiming that you are not the definition of beautiful.

but you are...

you are the definition of a chingona.

The daughter of hard workers,

You're a survivor by appearance,

immune to the oppression of the tyrant rule,

redefining feminism proclaiming that brown girls suffer too.

BUT we don't need a savior,

because our brown skin is bulletproof.

Brown girl you're gorgeous,

sit down and take your throne.

because no form of colonization,

can erase your indigena soul.





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My community


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