Happiness is Awesome

Happiness is truly awesome
It has no limits or bounds.
Happiness is something shared by everyone
No matter how sad one may feel, they can find sadness in the tiniest things.
Happiness is contagious
A stranger's smile could change anyone's mood.
Happiness is not bought
A lasting happiness comes from love, family, relationships.
Happiness is laughter
Laughter has never made anyone feel bad, unless too much of it causes pain.
Happiness is a full belly
Hunger never brought anyone joy.
Happiness is friendship
Friends give us company, a shoulder to lean on, adventure, and never ending laughter.
Happiness is appreciation
Being thanked or complimented is never pushed away.
Happiness keeps us alive
It keeps us going and can't be compared to anything else.
Happiness is awesome and is something we should fill our lives with.

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Our world


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