Fortune Cookie

My therapist tells me I have a tendency to address sad memories with a smile.

I would say it’s a defense mechanism, but I’m not trying to build up walls,

I’m fighting to break them down.


So, I’m just going to cope while peeking through my kaleidoscope, because I’ve learned that memories are black and white and my presence is found between the silver and gray lining in the hodgepodge I call my mind.


For a while there I let my cynical nature get the best of me,

So it’s a good thing snakes shed their skin every two to three weeks

Because- I’m only 17,

Listening to the Rolling Stones album ‘Let it Bleed’ on repeat

While I come to means with the fact I can’t always get what I want, but I have what I need.

Age 17.

Screaming along from the driver’s seat.

So I breath in, and breath out


Because these days I get full off stale fortune cookies in the morning

Unfolding the cheesey chinese prophecies and seriously considering the meaning.

Lucky numbers vaguely outline my worth as I realize how lucky I am.


Finding peace in the simplicity of things, like the way the trees shade me from the intensities hanging over me, and the way my best friends laugh strips me of my worries.

For tomorrow can worry about itself as I focus on the here and now.


For I know boys who want to touch the world through their guitar strings

So, when I see musicians busking on the side of the street I toss coins towards their hopes and dreams. I’ve met a girl that doesn’t stray far from her pen and paper,

I told her I would love to read her work, because I know what it feels like to get lost in a good book.


I’ve seen sunsets span across half open eyelids, and sunrises that open weary eyes, giving the broken hope that everything will be alright.

I’ve heard of husbands who buy flowers for their wives before returning home on monday night


And so, I choose to believe that there’s a balance beam in this scheme of life.

Measuring this madness with units foreign to the metric scale,

In this instance the correct answer is boundless, because happiness can be found anywhere.


For I know an addict trying to make a change and I can honestly say he is getting there.

I’ve met a pastor who sends letters to the lost and doesn’t require a response

I’ve taken my 2 A.M. thoughts to an old bridge,

Parked at a dead end, and watched the highway lights until my troubles mend.


For my therapist tells me I have a tendency to address sad memories with a smile.

This may be  true, but the next case of envelopes will be addressed with one too,

because I much prefer the view from up here.

Don’t you see?

It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope.

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