Field of Green


United States
33° 52' 48.0504" N, 80° 25' 17.49" W
Alexis Penuelas 
5318 Barbados Circle
Stockton,CA. 95210
Myriads of weary faces challenge the fiery son
Patrolling the everlasting fields of green 
Most work to nurture their young 
And to prepare to fulfill unwritten destinies 
The journey of the silver ladder is useless 
For it is a much traveled path 
Our capitalistic country is not toothless
And having little subjects you to the elite's wrath 
With weeping eyes I witnessed 
The clashing of worlds between two 
The sun and moon are not betrothed 
They're not meant to say " I Do's" 
But alas the season of summer of 2002 was ripe 
And the yelling of the alarm clock began 
For at least a bike I had to ride afar
So into the everlasting field of green I ran 
I never liked to see her out of sight 
She always whispered "I'll be back" 
Damn, that cursed light! 
The everlasting field of green I hated with all my might!
The seasons of toil are an endless struggle 
And my grandmother is slowly wilting away
But for her seeds she recharges and rebuttles 
Which is why I slave away for those grades to repay
I have grown resilient and strong 
Thank you for the time you have invested in me
Over the years we have forged an unbreakable bond 
Ama, one day, I swear I will free you from the everlasting fields of green!!
*"Ama" in spanish is short for "mom" or "grandma"
This poem is about: 
My family
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