No Mere Animal

Your skin, it breathes
Your hair, it speaks,
Your mouth it loves.
You speak gods into the minds of men
and your silence shakes the Earth that supports you
Its hard to feel awesome, when pain lingers
When memories haunt and whispers taunt
When you scream into vast nothing as everything suppresses and depresses
But oh human you are so much greater
You are no mere animal
No, you are a god among goddesses, a goddess among gods,
a creator of beauty,a raging force of history
a living, breathing anomaly of gargantuan proportions
You can forgive and forget and recollect
You can make hate and violence recede with mere tongue rolls and footsteps
You can water peace in wildfires of despair and ovens of anguish
So Stand up, dry those tears
Lift your head without fear
Say it without contrition, without regret and remorse
Loud and clear so that the world trembles
and every part of your body is shocked and fortified by hearing these words:
I am awesome

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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