Made of Everthing

when i was in high school

my teacher told me

“The amount of matter in the universe has

remained the same since the Big Bang.”

and then i started to think...


in all the millennia that this planet has existed

we have gained


not a fleck

not a grain

not even a single


the universe has simply been vacuum-sealed

just a coiling kaleidoscope that has repeated


reordered itself

a million billion trillion gazillion times over


that means every baby

every human

is a unique concoction

a brew, a mixtape

of all that has come before

made from molecules of Gandhi and stardust

and meteors and volcanic ash

and colloidal silver and da Vinci’s tears

and the same darkness that

fills the cosmos

is between, and inside,

our own atoms


when you know this

you suddenly see the bustling city streets

the gardens of orchids and roses

the children playing

in the rain

as a phenomenon

this assemblage of humanity is by means of a

starburst constellation

families are brilliant, unorthodox-shaped nebulae

finding the one you love is a galaxy being born

we are all bizarre, exclusive, wandering


we have never been


and we will never be



the sheer exuberance

the unlikely experience of our existences

the honor of merely being



they will never be able to make you again

don’t you dare waste a second

thinking something better will happen

when it ends


don’t you dare

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Our world
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