We are friends

We are integrated

We hug, we show compassion

But when my color seeps onto,

-your clothes,

-into your pores

-making your soul,

-just a little darker

you flinch of the thought

of being me

of being closer to my shade

Your soul and my soul

We are  both good people

Why is it wrong to look like me

Why is it heartbreaking

To see the mirror

To see yourself as me

But to still be just you

If your shade would be

-the same as mine

We would be no different

Things would not change much

Is my skin not pretty enough?

Is my complexion not well toned?

Am I an my color inferior?

Is my spirits complexion

Is your skin so crystal clear

That my beautiful dirt brown


Cannot shine too?

That you would rather

Buy your freedom

From the bondage of a skin

As if it was a disease

A medical condition

That you will suffer from

As if we should pity you

For being forced to be

Something you're not


“You are who you say

you are”

You will always be you

no matter the skin

-you're in

It is your mentality that ,

-makes you think

that we

Are less beautiful than you

That you would feel

Less beautiful in my skin

My skin is beautiful

My skin is comfy

Just as I am me

You will always be you

No matter the color,

-of your skin

Money can never

-buy the real you

that is the mentality

you should have


we are all priceless


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