The Darker Days


It piles on and on and on

Breaking back, achy knees

The strong connection felt with your comforter

Pleading for you to wrap yourself in it

Your shield from the real world.


When it feels like the time to give up

The stress amounts to more than any being could survive

The days seem to drag longer and slower

Your bed has become your best friend and confidant.


But a slight glow starts crawling through the window pane

It paints your walls gold

Illuminating the entire room.

The birds start singing.

The song that echoes throughout the room

The lyrical music causing you to sit up.

Almost as if possessing you


The birds muse like singing causes a revelation;

The sun will always rise

The birds will always sing

And you,

You will always have the strength

Pick yourself up, look in the mirror, and take on challenges.


The breaking back and achy knees will heal

You’ll learn how to breathe again.

Each obstacle is throw at you

To make you grow

To change the way you see things

The sun and birds are there for you,

For you to remember

Nothing can hold you down if you don’t allow it.  

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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