You know what's awesome?

 The days you took us to the park in the little green wagon and time seemed like it didn't exist

When you walked me down the block and waited for me to get on the bus and when it was cold

your great big jacket surrounded me with warmth

I wonder if you ever noticed how I curled up in your favorite spot when you got up because it was so warm

I use to lay on the floor in my room sometimes waiting for you to come home from work and I always knew you were home when I felt the vibrations of the garage door opening

Always feeling safe knowing you were there to protect me

The summer days when you took us swimming

Saturdays spent playing basketball at the gym

When you let me walk my little feet on your back

When you told me I could never get married because I was going to take care of you when you were old

Letting me dance on your feet

Painting my nails when I was a little girl

That day you finally brought me lunch to school

And the last hug I gave you in that bleached forest green shirt

The last time I saw you we went on an ice cream date in my dreams








This poem is about: 
My family


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