From a Caterpiller...

Wow! Where has the time gone

Freshman year was terrifying

Sophomore year was cool

Junior year was an eye-opener

And well Senior year is finally here

And I feel like an caterpiller

Spinning myself in a silky cocoon

Trying to avoid conflict with anyone

Becoming a new person like each and every new moon

To eventually emerge myself as an adult

Senoritis is definatly knocking down my doors

I can only imagine the result

It's finally here

Not feeling a foot behind

So much to come, so much to do

My present and my future are slowly becoming intertwined

I have so many emotions dancing through my soul

Which is probably why my body doesn't feel whole

My heartbeats ticking

I'm reaching the end only to find a new start

Looking back on lessons learned

Looking forward with memories treasured

It's time for new goals and newer dreams

From a catapiller to a radiant butterfly

Preparing my wings to make my own way in this suspenseful world

Which is awesome because I'm ready to to let my wings fly.







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Our world
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