Mother nature

The beauty in what we see ,started before there was a "you" and "me"

Before society burned fuels and cut away our trees.

Before the air we breathed was filled with air of pollution and debris.

There was a woman who worshipped those things.

She is the wind that lifts us up in our times of defeat.

She is the flowers that dance and sing for the young and weak.

Her eyes look into the future of what this earth could be.


The beauty in what we see ,has to end with "you" and "me"

Before society becomes just a lost dream.

Before the air we breathe is no longer left .

There was a woman, a mother to everything that breathes .

She is weeping tears for our humanity .

She is sad and broken by what we fail to believe...


If we open our eyes we can be the change that causes new possibilities.

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Our world
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