Faded Brick Wall

We may wake up

Looking at a faded brick wall

That covers our path

From achieving it all

We may have lost hope

And closed all our doors

Believing that no one cares anymore

Our world has came down

Our feelings are closed 

The only thing left 

Is to do what was proposed

I'll grab that rope

Step on the stool

End it all now

And stop looking like a fool

But before this is done

I'll take one last minute

To think about tomorrow

And what could've been in it

I'll remember the warm smile 

That I received every morning

And that "Stay out of trouble"

I got as a forewarning

I'll remember that last Christmas

We spent laughing all together 

Sitting around the fire

Keeping warm from the cold weather 

I'll hope that my sister achieves what I didn't

To make my mother proud

And show the talent she has hidden

Will they catch that I'm gone?

Will I ever be missed?

Last time I noticed

My mother was blissed

Who will help her with her troubles?

Once I'm gone?

If before

I was the one she would always rely on

Maybe I should step down

And wait a little longer

But I can't anymore

There's no way I can be stronger

No one has noticed me ever before

Except a few friends

That would always get me off the floor

Maybe it is possible

That I will be missed

Maybe life isn't as bad 

And I should check off my bucket list

Before I make this decision

I can never take back 

Do i really want to give it all up?

And make it pitch black?

There are so many places I haven't visited

So many people I haven't met 

Maybe in the future

Life wouldn't feel like such a threat

What if that wall wasn't there?

Blocking me from success?

It's possible my life wouldn't be such a mess

They say the grass is greener on the other side

But maybe mine could be just as green

Just if I tried

What if I looked away from the wall?

And out the other window

Maybe that's what holds true beauty

And wouldn't keep me in limbo

Maybe there's a side I haven't seen

Because my eyes were always looking down

Maybe tomorrow will come without a big frown

I'll step off this stool and give it try 

And tomorrow will be a new day

That I will look straight in the eye

I'll show I'm not afraid anymore

Because I know that I'm loved 

And there's still so much left to explore

So much more I promised

To those who I've loved

And those whom shown it back 

Looking at this faded brick wall

I know this isn't my last track 

This isn't where I stall

This is where I stop the attack

I'll ask for help

I'll let my voice be heard 

And speak for all of those 

Who can't say a word

There's nothing to fear 

But fear itself

Because you are not alone 

There will always be someone else


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