The Yum Year ! By JadaRJ

This is the Yum Year where every flaw is awesome !

(Try to read this poem with a beat)

When ever you are feeling down about yourself just point out your flaw and say "YUM"!. It goes a little something like this:

YUM to this acne

YUM to this overbite

YUM to this muffin top

YUM to this lazy eye

YUM to this bad breath

YUM to my style

YUM to my five head

We can YUM for a while.

I know I can... If I keep standing in the mirror and pointing out my flaws...I can YUM all day... until I yawn.

So come on ladies and get out of the house and embrace your YUM'S that's what life's all about !... Now share this poem so you and your friends can get a laugh. It will also enter me a scholarship for $1000 cash... towards school or books, but you get the jus'. Thanks for your support Faceeeebook !


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