Like Jill Scott im so blessed!

To see another day, get up, and get dressed,

These are blessings that many people dont get to see,

but God has blessed me with these opportunities.

That's why I start my day off with a smile,

even if I dont see anybody else with one for a mile.

I have no reason to look at life with my head down,

that's why I'm so goofy and act like a clown.

People ask me where I get my constant joy from

and i say from when i go out and see the sun.

Yes it may be too hot or too cold outside,

but in my spirit everything is alright.

Not saying I dont have bad days because everybody does.

Just saying that is why I surround myself with people that I love.

I dont have time to be stressed and and in a bad mood,

because I have goals and dreams that I have to get to

And I won't let fake friends get in my way,

because maybe we'll see each other again someday.

Then they will truly see what made me so happy,

All the things that I've achieved from grinding constantly.

So I look at my life now and I wouldn't change a thing,

because everything is awesome, seriously EVERYTHING!






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