The Living Dead

I want to die and said I lived.

Living is something most of us take for granted.

Granting every special moment and detail that life has to offer us.

We let the moment fly away from our reach and forget to capture them like a canon camera.


We occupy ourselves in things that are very useful

like work and things that will help us be successful in the future.

A mindset that does not let us rest,

but have you asked yourself.

My heart are you at rest ?


We start focusing so much on certain things,

that the most important things in life vanish and are on autopilot.

We live so much in the future, that the present never has a start

and if the present does not start how is there a future.


There isn’t.

There is just death.


Your heart is beating but your spirit is drained.

Take a moment and hear your heartbeat.

Boom boom, boom boom.



Notice that the most awesome things surround you.

The things your mind looks over but are right at your eyesight.

Why do you think we miss something we are staring at ?


Do not die before your last


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