Integrated Awesome

Jazz like Doodle dee bopp bopp doo doo.

Or maybe a rap about love or catching the flu.

Or a slow jam about a special one who makes you happy.

Or what about a pop song about winter or how your day was crappy.

Or maybe some rock about why you hate the color blue.

Or what about some classical explaining the love of two.

Or what about some spoken word that makes you think about how flowers blossom.

Or what about how all of these genres are considered as music now thats awesome.

Is it music thats awesome or the fact that we can be free ?

Free to enjoy any type of music free to be who we want to be.

Or what if i wasnt just talking about music but something even more cool.

What if i was talking about how different people can go to any school.

What if i meant unity and how different things come in to one.

Or what if i was talking about how i have friends of different races or how my black friend has a mixed son.

Or what if this whole time i wasnt just talking about music?

What if i was talking about how no matter what we are we are all human.

What if i actually meant that music is like us in a way.

All different but we are still all the same is what i was trying to say.

Since music is jazz, rap, slow jams , pop , classical and rock and dont forget the spoken word about how flowers blossom.

We can be white, black , jewish , christian, catholic , baptist or any other we are all still human and we are all AWESOME !

This poem is about: 
Our world


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