Life's K.O.

Sun, 07/05/2015 - 22:09 -- SirExC

You can't keep me down

you can't count me out

I am a heavyweight fighter

that refuses to be knocked out


Though I may stumble

and sometimes hit the ground

I jump back up vigorously

ready to fight another round


To go pound for pound 

with the biggest and  the baddest

Even with life when it throws you the saddest 

of memories and times


But I have to jump back up 

with life's defeat on my mind

Won't catch me slipping

how else will i be the greatest of all times


Placing the blame on no one 

because its easier most times

Just taking the intiative to throw some punches

and make it to the next round


In my mind nothing can keep me down

because the slightest of doubt will keep you down

When things get rough I put up my fist

and protect myself with vigor

ready to dismiss


Punch for punch

pound for pound

 or blow for blow

life can't throw anything at me

that I won't forgo




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