I remember the dayI first heard the news,

To me more exciting than even a cruise.

A baby was on the way,

We all wanted to shout “hooray!”

Undeterred by my dad’s jokes,

I knew it was a hoax.

For this baby was not theirs,

Despite all my childhood prayers.

A little girl she would carry,

A woman by the name of Kerry.

To us it was no shock,

This child would be a Faulk.

No matter the name,

No matter the blame,

This baby girl would be my cousin,

One I would never stop lovin’.


Eight months, two weeks, and two days later,

Our joy has never been greater.

It is bittersweet to watch her grow,

It all goes so fast, but I wish it were slow.

Her personality can lighten even the darkest of days.

For when she is around we can’t help but gaze.

She is a busy body that is for sure.

So whatever you do, don’t forget to shut the door.

For although she cannot yet walk,

Or even talk,

She knows how to get around.

The struggle is getting her to lay down.

She’ll whine, fuss, and cry.

She’ll cry till her tiny tear ducts run dry.

She’ll refuse to let her exhaustion get her down.

A smile she’ll always carry, but never a frown.

She’ll laugh, squeal and giggle to her heart’s content.

For now anything discernable is hardly present,

Although there is one word she will sometimes mutter.

I’m sure it makes her mother’s heart flutter.

It is just one simple word,

If you listen real close, “momma” can be heard.

Her name, not one but two,

Most don’t get the clue,

She goes by Lillie Kate,

So please get that straight.

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My family
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