On This Day

On this day she had been born,

On this day she had said her first words to loving her mother,

On this day she had took her first steps,

On this day she had stayed up til night playing with her sister,

running in the mud and smearing the brick walls with mud,

as though she was an artist


On this day she had started her first days of school..


On this day she had been called "ugly",

On this day her friends didn't remember her birthday,

On this day she wondered why she didn't have a birthday

party like many of her friends did


On this day she started 7th grade,

She had developed her first crush,

She had realized why her mother cried over the,

men she was with


On this day she had been called a "snitch"

On this day she began to look at her reflection with rejection


On this day she had started high school,

She had made it into a high level honors class,

She had gained her first boyfriend,

She had witnessed her first break-up,

Her first betrayal,

Her first night layed in a fetal position with tears soaked in her pillow


On this day she looked back on the other days thinking,

Why had he called her "beautiful"

For surely they came calling her "gorgeous"

yet left calling her "ugly"


On this very day she debates with the nooks and corners of her own mind thinking

whether she should believe their words,

But which,

The ones who had stuck with her since her toddler days stating she was "cute"?

Or the ones others had given her from their first glance at her?

For she was a book that had been labeled as "cheap" and "used"

With big words who no one ever dared to try and pronounce.


Yet she was not alone,

Among her were others in the rejects pile,

Also with beaten up covers from experience due to previous holders who weren't gentle,

And as they began to analyze each other they noticed the one word they all had in each other,

that one word others had refused to even pronounce in each other's pages,


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Our world
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