Face Value

The flowers of plants don’t do much.

They sit and look pretty, for all to admire.

But many people do not understand why it takes so long for the flower to bloom.

Many brush up against in and step on the eaves that sprout on the sides of the stem.

What is not noticed is how many times the flower has been stepped on or the many times the flower has had to regenerate those small leaves on its sides and their importance in relation to the bud.

Yet still, there is no appreciation given to it.

That is the same way people are but we dislike being compared to something that is on the ground.

We judge based on face value.

It is all we find to appreciate in others.

Meanwhile, we feel as though our actions and live go unnoticed but fail to see why.

We have had to constantly conform to the standards placed upon us as we try to satisfy the wants of others and not ourselves.

The same as the sprouting leaves of the plant, bending and finding the strength to continue on.

When we learn to appreciate ourselves, we may learn to appreciate others as well.

When we accept and learn from what causes the detriment and regeneration of our leaves

It is then we realize that the flower like ourselves

Is more than face value.


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My country
Our world
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