The Magic of Marching Band

Sat, 07/11/2015 - 15:55 -- olives
When marchers stand in a two-by
The crowd roars as the music approaches
Smells of tailgating food and
The noise level from cheers and laughter roar in the stadium,
As the band marches onto the field

All of the hours in the heat finally pay off.
The sunburns and late nights on the field
The repitietions of drill set and scores of music
After sore feet and tired eyes
Once all are able to march the whole show in thier sleep,

The crowd then cheers for the band after the first note,
Everything turns magical
Seeing how a group of 200 plus band kids can make a crowd cheer
This is awesome.

When hard working young people are recognized every Saturday
For succedding in what the love,
This is Marching Band
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