Everything is awesome scholarship

I am awesome.

graduated. Enrolled into cal state la

one 9 month old daughter and another on the way

some people say they are burdens  no sleep no success no vacations

little do they know but they are my motivation

homeless living off the government system in a tough situation

rich people look down on me as a lazy mexican, want to call the immigration

yet i still wake up everyday seeking an opportunity for my education

My baby's father is undocumented. America declines him a work position

there i am in the process to recieving a college degree, so my kids future can be as bright as can be

negative people will never understand me

only awesome minded people will have the nerve to relate

my background and where i come from will cause a debate

asking "is she capable to be someone in life? Will she even survive in a university setting?"

I still smile bright. keep my head up because i am awesome. the negative comments? they stay shedding.

My culture, my daughters and my strive is just awesome.

I am awesome.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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