Sleep For Hire

The papers constantly flip from Shakespeare to logarithms

Injecting steroids the books surround, trapping me in a prism

Knees quivering under the weight with no beaks so no rhythm

Hands cringe along with eye lids, no sleep means no wait to wake for wisdom


Sleep gathered in navy blue suit, he wanders for a hiring position

The current employer ignored him walking the path to pay his tuition

The upside to this down hill transition

No sleep pays commission to go lose z's under intimidating books to improve cognition


Trudging through paper airplanes the storm rages

Head high I read through the endless pages

Mind swells like Arnold Schwarzenegger as he rages

Books compacted into a flat hat and thin gown, a bird flies free of his cages


Legs sturdy on top of a desk next to a presidential name tag

Awesome describes the future and the past since this object was vacant, a white flag

Wrong was I, books held my weight it was a ladder, it hit me like jet lag

Books used to reside in the sky, now I do smiling while dipping my tea bag

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