In a single day people are born, age, and die. Babies crying for the first time, a mans last breath, counting their stars, last wishes.

Inhale and exhale.

A woman cries as she is left to live her life without her husband, a daughter cries as she adds life to the world with a child. Cries of happiness, sadness, guilt, wrinkled eyes and tear stained cheeks.

Heartache, regret, lost.

Living a life meant to be lived, soft skin turning brittle and aged. Experiences, character.

A mournful solitude, acceptance, life, embracing our weakness, upholding our strengths, creating fullness.

Happiness, laughter, smiles with squinted eyes.

The two sides of the beautiful coin called life.

Age. Change yet same. Color of eyes, a smirk, graying hair.

Every single day, people are born. Age. Die. Counting stars, dreams, life. Moments.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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