When you look in the mirror what do you see? You see what your eyes potray as someone who is nothing like me. Someone who isn't "equal". At least this is what society has trained our minds over the years to believe. We all at one point or another have been convinced that we are not "equal". We live in a world where our appearance defines us and determines our equality. Today's generation have been taught that we should not give the shy foreign exchange student a chance to show us his culture. For he is "non-american",  he is not "one of us", he is far from "equal". Or the girl who lives down the street who is diagnosed with autism. She is never invited to play with any of the children in the neighborhood because one person claims she is "different". At least that is what society has made them believe. Tell me this, who gives society all the power and right to determine who is equal and who is different? We all have different appearances, different features. We are not all exactly the same we all have different characteristics even identical twins have one small detail different than the other. We also may have different religious views and different cultures, but we are all equal. We all have equal rights and can achieve the same goals and dreams. Do not let society fool you, fool society!

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