Broken Heart

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I want to build you a library and fill it with all your favorite books And all the reasons I still love you. And I will never stop adding to it That way you can wander the halls of my heart chambers forever.
I wrote a poem once about how you need to break To truly shatter if you ever want to learn to put yourself back together again Because no mosaic is built without first becoming broken pieces
I never intended to melt To fill the mold I was instructed to fill I never intended to fade To break away pieces of myself To squeeze between the cracks To suck the moisture from the pavement
You were supposed to be The one who would love me and take care of my heart.   Love denied once again.   I still feel the pain, hurt, and suffering From past and present relationships.
I still remember that day… The day when Heaven cried.   When Heaven Cried. Oh, When Heaven Cried. That was the saddest day in September.   Their love was special.
It doesn’t matter what I name this poem Or perhaps it won’t deserve a name We never name the things we plan to kill you see Since names make it that much harder to watch it die  
tremendous and snarling the glinting of teeth who once called you darling now comes from beneath the twisted endeavors of a lover turned sour like a fistful of feathers
Loving you was everything I thought it would be And so much more than I could have imagined Loving you was canceling plans to spend time with you
Why don't you see me? Why don't you care? Why can't you tell? Why don't you know how much I love you? Why don't you love me back? Do you not see me cry while you laugh with them?
You left, leaving me shocked and groundless this tsunami I did not foresee and my world stopped as did my breath the pain was crushing, a boulder the size of the moon
I'm tired if feeling all alone... Waiting.... Anticipating.... Heart racing... Pacing.... Giving up on Love.... Retracing.... Reminding me of what was... What could be...
I'm tired if feeling all alone... Waiting.... Anticipating.... Heart racing... Pacing.... Giving up on Love.... Retracing.... Reminding me of what was... What could be...
For the losers who lost us. The people who loved us. The lucky people who get to meet us. This is for you.   I don't have an attitude, just a personality you can't handle love.
For the losers who lost us. The people who loved us. The lucky people who get to meet us. This is for you.   I don't have an attitude, just a personality you can't handle love.
I want edges in my jaw like ice And I want you to cut yourself upon them I want words in my mouth like venom And I want you to poison yourself on my kiss I want light in my eyes like sunshine
Broken Heart by: Luis V I told you I won’t let you die  You told me you won’t let me cry You told me you didn’t want to see me cry anymore I told you I won’t lie
Broken Heart by: Luis V   Girl you broke my heart God where you at, you better have my back I didn’t deserve this pain I didn’t deserve this 
is it me, or just a comforting presenceone that wont look at you wrong, a fear of feeling i may never be more than you wanted me to bea wild feeling, one i cant escape are you a feeling, or true comfortsecurity, safety, and seamless satire who am
No heart is odious,No heart is implicitly comfortless,But some heart, though unknown,Responds to my own.
Your the prey Im the predator My neckless  the hang noose around your neck ive got you wrapped  around my finger my mark from your chin to my belly and your kiss down to your toes
Once I had a heart, A heart as big as the world! Well maybe not that large… But it fit inside of a girl. But over time I find it broken, Shattered beyond repair. I should have never let it open
“Just A Game” By SnøwySøul  11/6/19   Is it alright if I ask
It's the little things that plague my mind.   Like the way your eyes crinkle when you smile or the way you laugh after a bad joke.   The way your hand fit perfectly in mine
...Half asleep, I hear a light rustle outside my window then a sunk on the right side of my bed. You lightly shook me and smiled. As always, conversation turns into an argument.
if you ever miss me and hesitate if you should call to tell me or not... just whisper it to the wind and let it carry your words on... maybe i'll be able to feel the coldness of your heart then
If it only takes two to tango, then why do you need another dance partner? Are my steps not on time? Are we not following the same rhythm? Do I not move when you move? Or perhaps it’s you who can’t keep up with the beat.
my love,a perfect vestige
My love, you are my world; You fill me with imagination, inspiration, new creations; You open my eyes to see what can be. You are my life; My heart beats for you, I breathe for you; You are my heart;
When I fell in love the first time, She felt the same pain as me, I shared with her a song One that we listened to together Its lyrics always soothed us
The window to a soul.
I was given a gift by someone I truly loved, A little green turtle, Something I could put on my key ring. She had one too, And it made our love grow stronger,
I just want to be in love, Like we were so long ago, She’s left me by myself, And I can’t escape this hell. She doesn’t love me any longer,
Your words dropped to the floor like the weapons that they were,For you cared not for what you meant to me,For you cared not that your words stung like a slap to the face,
I gave you everything, You gave me nothing! You took my heart, You took my mind, But, you also took My life! Before you, I was empty, Loneliness, my only friend.
I feel it begin, the drip drop of the rain, The ominous storm, soon to devour my soul, My heart screams denial, it crushes my chest, The hot rain beats down, I lose all control,
As I look upon the shattered glass of a mirror, I realize that I am looking at a reflection of my heart. I see how broken it really is and know that each blow that hits me makes me stronger.
Best friends you said  looked me deep into my eyes  straight into my soul i thought  best friends you said  over your shoulder  casually, easily  best friends you said 
I thought about it a lot,you know. I thought about howyou would curl into my chest on thosecold, crispnights full of stars. A way ofsaying "I love you", but withoutthe sound, the verbal reassurance.
8 Months ago... That's when I first met you. When I first saw you. I didn't notice you before, but your divinity and your aura brought me to you.
Like I drug I was addicted I couldn't see that you were vindictive Using me to get back at her Shattering my fragile heart like a mirror Freezing over from the coldness of your heart
Jealousy appears to be the only feeling in my heart. As I watch you touch him like I would like for myself. Don't you dare love him... but who am I to say. He must feel similar to my own pain.
I thought I can do better but I've never been so wrong,You walked away from all the pain I've caused you with my tongue,Trust me when I tell you I won't be like that again,
- Please, please, I am asking you, don't call me a, Nice guy, Great guy,  Gentle Man,  One of a kind, or the kindest person I have ever met. Because you do not understand, how those word can effect my feelings.
How insane must one be to love me Words on screen said one thing Your eyes said one more to me At first glance it was insufferable to digest To trembling of fingers to heat on cheeks
It has been months The vultures take turns feeding on my flesh I dont know how after all of the harsh weather my remains are fresh   I dont know if i should be vulgar like this
When time dies, people still enjoy the misty nights alone When time dies, people still discover ways to move on. When time dies, I still see the look in your eyes Nobody witnessing my death before the attempted suicide.
I know you're hurt. I know you're broken. I know that you thought the last time that this happened was truly going to be the last time. I want to start off by saying that it's okay. It is okay to not be okay.
I was trying to be conscientious to not think about you, But after closing myself off in a personal quarantine for so long, I couldn’t help but start reminiscing about our relationship.
To the girl who had broken my heart,
 The eyes of the devil are staring at me, waiting for a mistake.           Like a predator, It glares madly to each of the steps I take.  
Aching hands Bloodied taste Bottle caps Dirty clothes Ink stains Letters returned Old tears  Broken heart Music blaring but yet still unheard: The price to pay to fill these pages 
Our love was bright red,  You made me fall quick and hard, Then tore me to shreds. 
Relationships have been tough and rough this days The last one torn me apart and taught me to be nobody’s fool It all started when I love someone And he didn’t love me back, instead of putting a stop to the deceit
My body is cold. My fingers, frostbitten and blue. The hairs on my arms protrude upwards, bumps litter my sugary skin. I see each breath I take fogging the air and the window in front of me.
Because I love you I put your feelings before mine Because I love you I pretend like I’m okay so you’ll never see me cry Because I love you
We are north and south Opposite atrracts but we repelled
Just as much as I love her, I want her. Not the way someone wants to fuck. Oh no, it goes so much deeper that the heart can feel every emotion, right down to all 7 chakras. I want her in all 7 ways, and no, this ain't lust.
We used to be inseparable, But that quickly changed.  When he came along,    By you I became estranged. 
Because I love you, I let you change me bit ny bit. Because I love you, the past I never forget,- I allow you to relive every bad decision I ever made, and I feel deserving of this punishment all becsuse you stayed. -
I'm screaming crying out in an echoed room Love me my own voice makes my ears bleed the thumping in my head won't stop Love me I'm on my knees my hands matted in my hair Love me
i look into his eyes and i see them shine but to him they are dim and are hardly divine   he made me feel happy i made him feel valid and when he found another i began my ballad  
The pain of loss, the pain of love It echos high up above A star that shines throughout the night It goes on, small but bright The question "why" plays in your head As you look straight ahead
  She wanders somewhere 'neath the tower. Moonlight on her mind.  Big Ben's face to keep the hour, Lost Girl seeks to find.   She lost it somewhere, she's grown sure, Around this part of town,
Deep inside is where it hides,  I tried and cried but on the outside im bright,  People don't seem to notice my painful tears    my broken heart and a worthless thoughts,  I tried loving you with everything I had
Love can be painful, Bittersweet and beautiful, Saying goodbye sucks.
I want you to remember this moment, remember this moment It’s the reason your dreams ferment, this moment of torment Of broken hearts, the enriching feeling of butterflies, and oh the laughter in your gaze
You never said thank you for the rides home You never returned the looks in the hallways The texts with the girl of the same name, I would never do that to you
One of these daysSomeone is going to come alongand break your heart darling,leaving you breathless on the curbas your heart shatters into a million pieces.But what happens nextdefines you as a person.
Half past twelve Ticking began Surrounded by waves In lengths that fade Silence screamed And my heart gave way To the beast inside Never felt this way
With a broken heart and an empty soul, you will always need more.
The Biggest Mistakes I Made in my First Long-Term Relationship i gave up my happiness in order to help make him feel whole
I used to be a girl Who believed in Love at first sight But that had all ended When my heart had been broken   Gosh, I felt stupid Gosh, I feel worthless But what am I supposed to do
Nothing to do. No one to see, and where are we? No where, but we are here now. Now? That is such a fleeting  time. Is it a second or a thought? Perhaps a kiss
A normal day for me Keep walking straight for me Eyes on the ground Not looking around.   Friends; I got none I don't need anyone I just got myself Don't need no one else.  
You are the reason that I am broken Thank you. For had you not broken my heart I wouldn’t have seen myself reflected in the shattered pieces  
This emptiness inside has made me realize that my heart is not made of steel and that what we had is not real.
I never knew what a broken heart was Maybe because I was so used to the shards Beautiful and dangerous Who knew pain was so hard   I thought that was what I was supposed to feel
It's true when they say you never know what you got til it's gone, I never knew what entered my life, I didn't realize until the day I thought about you actually being my wife,
Her skin: soft as the edge of her sword And her hair: carved from the volcanic ashes. Her heart: away from advancing toward His hardline lips; and her faint eyelashes: Disguising keys to his grave, shallow as--
She was a gazer of the stars You could see it in her eyes She'd sneak out late at night Just to stroll beneath the skies   Her eyes forever upward Searching for a light Her heart only beating
My heart is broken I will never again hear your words spoken You live on in my memories I wish that was enough for me
Why am I still standing here In this place where I was once happy Even though I close my eyes I still feel you staring down at me Why won't you leave me alone? How am I supposed to move on with this stare?
Held on like a child clinging to the string that dangles from the bottom of a ballon.   You huffed and puffed, like the Big Bad Wolf, trying to blow away my only happiness.
You're the only pain that I refuse to give up and I don't think you understand just what you do to me but maybe one day when we're all grown up you'll look back and really see.
She was always a mess Scabs on her face Dried blood under her fingernails Her heart throbbed until It crumbled And pieces of it cluttered the floor Like words in my mind that I wanted to say to her
One day you and I will be okay One day we will have this pain and despair at bay One day we will realize we made the right choice
You know the feeling you get when your heart breaks? But then after a while, when you meet someone new, you can feel your heart being "stitched together" again? Well, when you get stitches, you're only
It was easy to tell, which one of us had fell. I had butterflies everyday, Only the kind he gave.   He didn't even know, I was forced to put on a show. His girlfriend didn't care for me
Pieces of me Are broken. I've fallen so far, So hard and so quickly. Crumbled into thousands Of pieces Unknowing if the Kings horsemen can put Me back together Again.
He touched my skin, He kissed my lips. He told me I was special, He made me believe.  Maybe love is real, even for someone like me. But then she came along and stole him away.
You dont want it to be real, a broken heart... its crazy.... almost unreal.... that pain.... you forget untill your reminded.... of what its like to love and lost.... ...its bittersweet, really...
My soul hurts and I can't find the right song to play on my broken heart strings.
So many things That many people don't know The enlightenment they seek Is nothing more than whispers in the dark A song that plays and speaks
The Beast: by Paul Gray©Copyright 2009 by Paul Gray. All rights reserved.
How to be best friends with your Ex boyfriends mother.  
When we are apart You break my heart in two so We can never be!  
As quickly as I fell into your abyss the waters parted and we stood starring at each others soul. Our universe being born. Like a falling star with no hope of making it through we watched our worlds fail us.
I remeber day one, when you walked in the room without your usual kick to your step. You told me you were moving into the city and away from our nowhere town.
A heart born once of flame and hearth
I wish I could lie   Parade in a snowy white lie filled gown Half truths gleaming like diamonds across my breasts   I wish I could lie  
The paint on theses wall are starting to fade away. My everlasting grip won't always be here to stay. This faulting and destructive envy inside of this pain, Well slowly start to leak out of my hopeless brain.
okay, so maybe I'm not the most experienced gal,  and I'm probably going about this all wrong.  You see,  when you say my name you make it sound pretty  not like a curse, or burden like he did. 
This poem is a conversation between two people. The colors represent the person in the relationship who is speaking:   One night the storm came back to claim me as its own
I'm losing my sanity, Swore on my heart, by the devils profanity. Sold my soul to heavens illusions, Lost all hope in its shameful intrusions.
I know this pain is seeping into you Probably turning your amniotic fluid blue Still taking little sips I wish were tasty Laying here over 24 hrs and I can't barely move
All I asked for was you and more
With all my heart You are tender and kind Your always on my mind If you could rewind Stop all the fighting It's not right To fight Over silly stuff And don't be so rough
Love. Hate. The words in my mind that can't decide the place where you belong. Yeah I know, another one of "those" poems about a "special bond" shared between two. This ain't it. It was no picnic, it was misery.
Aspirations Controls Destinations.    
I think in pictures, not words.
I'm looking up at the sky, thinking about our memories-- And all the good times, and the bad; I remember... When I really blew it hard to the core, beyond recover After that I never saw you ever again.
I'm just now realising that my original plan is failing
Now here is the time To say goodbye And broken past It never lasts A woman shattered Her heart in two Her mind hasnt have a clue A flying dove Nothing to do with love
Your little tug boat has been on a long journey Once it was a strong boat Now the little tug boat struggles to stay a float Even in the raging storm you found a reason to keep going 
When we run, what do we have to show for it? When we're nervous, no one will know of it When we draw it, we obscure it And defile and hurt it It's ill-conceived to put  The word love, with the word hurt
Love.Oh why the painnnnThat you have caused me.Just a curse, scars on my body.Broke me down too my knees,
Daisies fall from your hair Adrenaline flows through my blood I hear your lungs gasp, They inhale my soul.     My fingers are burned by your fire Our entwined hearts have been crushed
My veins are running dry now,But I’ll try to write this one out.I’ll express the things I thinkWith what’s left of this ink.
You see he left me No he actually fled
They complain when i talk about my problems  Where can I be free? Here I guess- if you don't mind I will express myself.   It's been awhile now, In fact it's been too long.
Everyday I see your face Pop up in my head, And my heart is ripped to pieces, Shredded and lifeless. Sometimes part of that Broken, Torn up, Thing,
Here it is, the memorie when you left. Its kinda sad that my memories are all I have left. I lay awake thinking of you, These thoughts alone are enough to split my heart in two.
My heart is like a cabin in the woods; Hidden from sight. Sometimes I’ll raise signs to show that life still lives here, But I forget; There is no one around to see it
Allow yourself to grieve Discover the way his name sounds when spoken from a throat tight with tears How it sounds thrown against the wall, shattering
In my feelings   I want to scream.  I want to cry.  I want to yell at the sky.    It hurts.  Why does it hurt me  and not affect you?  
These tears show pain, deep within is our anger too. If I cant stop this river, it'll overflow too. Maybe she'll come back, maybe fall in love too. Or maybe she'll run, from our love and us too. The love of our life, what did we lead to?
I feel so hurt and broken Casted aside again Lost and confused Lead me on and get me excited Want me and show me you care Then trample me and drop me Drop me like a lock of hair  
She showed her Heart to All,And cried when All said nothing.She built a palace of glassAround her aching muscleTo keep everyone away.
  And today I morn Holding the parts to my crushed heart, I stare into the abyss of my dull soul.
Throughout a lifetime,
Curly brown hair, Messy in a wonderful kind of way. Green eyes, my favorite color. Tall and lean and oh, That smile. That dimpled smile. That smile that made it all seem alright
I can break my own heart just fine, thank you very much And I don’t need you to judge Me with your eyes of blue Which seem to always come to my mind
I gave you my heart,and you gave me yours,piece by piece until i had it allbut I didn't realiseyou weren't giving me your heartyou were giving me minepiece by piece
Beauty came and beauty died, the beauty of our love inside, our hearts crying out with pain, please take my pain away.   Let me feel the pain, coming down like the rain,
On bent knees I plead... Say...something...I'm giving up on you Eyes closed...the feel of your finger tips still resonsting in every pore Tears streaming down my face I can still feel the "I love you"
My life was like a kaleidoscope. My hand gripped your's as we walked through the art fair that late May day. Together. Just like the pieces of the kaleidoscope.
Let’s change it up a little To add a little spice Instead of the usual Breaking my heart How about we break yours And you tell me if it feels nice.
If you had listened You would've known That I wishing for you But you never listened Because you thought You didn't have to   I told you everything On my mind But you should know
I prayed this morning,
I can't explain how I feel about him. He makes my heart beat, my head spin. But it is impossible to be together. Because no matter what he can't forget her.   Forever alone, I'll find no love
The thoughts of you, they fill my head As I lie here in my cold and lonely bed. When you held me close and whispered forever, Now I realize your forever meant never.   Why did I let myself fall prey
Kiss me Hug me Tell me you love me Where ever you are, Keep thinking of me. Feel me Touch me Tell me you want me Drive me crazy, Touching me softly. Your hair
My heart I gave to the one I love. It started to float to the skies above but then he took and stomped my heart and riped it into two .
what do i do now? i want to stay mad at you because you were wrong. but i can't help but love you you got him arrested! no you didn't snitch but they were your pills. you don't even feel sorry about it.
I try to move on the the future, and forget about my past, I don't' wanna waste my life away so fast, you say i have a heart so strong, so everything I have done wasn't all wrong?  I have made my mistakes, So I try to forget about the pointless he
Pain, the wound created out of events that life has burdened upon you.    Experience, the wound healed and turned to nothing, but a scar only to be vaguely remembered.  
It's hard to be erased. A whole chapter of my life a waste. You fell at a different pace. So now, tears are all I can taste. I saved your pictures, just in case, Although, I have memorized your face.
My heart torn to be pieces wanting us to be together again, My heart can never be repaired as long as we are apart.  I remember how we once were. I love each of you my sisters. I wish to be back to normal.
You still haunt me As much as I try to pretend  You still have a hold on me Your smile Your hair Your face Your body Your soul It lingers Close and still to my heart
Every second, minute, and hour of time wasted Over countless thoughts, my mind has chased it Mind steady Heart ready
I hate the way that you left me,abruptly, and without warning.I hate how the last words you said to me were the best,“I love you, too,” you said into my embrace.I hate that I’m in shambles now,
A pinhole of light stabs through the darkness in my mind. That one single ray reminding me that all is not lost. My heart cries out, not for you, but for me. For the me I was, the me I thought I'd be.
For my heart you have broke. Broken for now; Maybe forever. You may never know, The pain you caused, Until the day, I am gone forever.
He said they’d last forever And yet he decides to leave her The pain, it began to devour Her soul leaving her weaker
(poems go here) Eyeslike sunshine, thoughts like a summer rain, The one wild streak the boys find ever fair, And while the heart is here, there, everywhere, Knowing of no home drives a girl insane.
My love is not dying but getting stronger. Waiting for you takes longer and longer No matter how many days go by, I think of you while looking at the open sky.
Close my eyes I dream of love I fantasize of both of us Combining thoughts like stars do dust You... will become a part of me Of all I see and think and need Broken dreams too dark to see...
Close my eyes I dream of love I fantasize of both of us Combining thoughts like stars do dust You... will become a part of me Of all I see and think and need Broken dreams too dark to see...
Its Round 3 I'm out of breath, I can't keep going in circles, My Heart is crying, begging for mercy. All this amounts to, is pain, Love has disappeared, I see its only a one-way street.
I Loved you my heart gave you everything And now you say its just a "One Time Thing" I Thought you loved me that we could live happily And open our hearts Freely
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