Lace Dress

Wed, 05/06/2020 - 08:33 -- Kbliss

Your the prey

Im the predator

My neckless 

the hang noose

around your neck

ive got you wrapped 

around my finger

my mark from your chin

to my belly and your kiss

down to your toes

Can't you feel me still

isnt that poison ivy

needing my hands clawing your back'

one last time


but I left that night

In my lace dress

Nimble and quick

In my lace dress

your addiction

In my lace dress

I slaughter young hearts

screaming cold blood

In my lace dress

The wolf and the shadows

come out to play

The lace dress

we meet again at sunset.

As the wind howels 

I catch your scent

the lace dress

the hunt has began.

For I am the Enchantress.


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