Flora of The Heart

i look into his eyes

and i see them shine

but to him they are dim

and are hardly divine


he made me feel happy

i made him feel valid

and when he found another

i began my ballad


she was prettier than me

and despite all my power

i started to choke

and coughed up a blue flower


as ther days went on

my bouquet grew

i wish i was brave to tell him

i wish he could have knew


i love him

but i knew i had to be wary

i knew i should stop

and my feeleings i should bury


but i didnt listen

and happiness seemed to fade

flowers and petals filled my lungs

as my heart was played


i kept each flower

and each little petal

until each pretty blue

turned to stinging nettle


how it hurts me

to watch him love

a woman whos nothing

like a white dove


as nettles turned to roses

i see theres no escape

as those thorny flowers

cut my throat agape


i start to suffocate

and its painful to see

the flowers i once held dear

were slowly and inevitably killing me.

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