She showed her Heart to All,
And cried when All said nothing.
She built a palace of glass
Around her aching muscle
To keep everyone away.

He smiled at Her efforts
And asked to be let in.
She refused compliance first,
And in His rage He broke glass
To let her fall into pain.

When up she stood, built she had
A Fortress of stone and iron
Around a Vault of cold steel.

Friends and family tried to 
Take the Fortress of Mem'ry
Where she hid, launching attacks
Towards thouse who meant no harm.

She watched and waited from high
Towers of cold solitude
As gates of iron rusted.

One brave sould approached the gates
With words of kindness and grace,
Avoiding attacks of words
And sobs of immense anguish
As he shoved gates from hinges 
Rusted away from old age

To walk toward the vault of 
Cold steel housing a broken
Heart, pierced by glass and torn up.

She knocked him away from it,
Eyes dark, hair tangled, unfed
In a last ditch attempt to
Prevent further harm.


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