what do i do now?


what do i do now?

i want to stay mad at you because you were wrong.

but i can't help but love you

you got him arrested!

no you didn't snitch but they were your pills.

you don't even feel sorry about it.

i should hate you.

but then i think of how you use to make me happy and how i like your hugs.

i smile dispite my anger, i fight tears.

hating you should be easy after what happened in july, now this.

but i can't hate you i just cant, i guess i fell and got stuck.

i’m sorry for that and i’m sorry for the pain i put my heart through.

i can't stop i will always care for you i guess.

god why cant i just hate you?

but instead i still love you.

so now what do i do i’m stuck!

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