Wed, 07/06/2016 - 15:54 -- lemaj

It's true when they say you never know what you got til it's gone,

I never knew what entered my life,

I didn't realize until the day I thought about you actually being my wife,

I guess you got tired of my bullshit and came to the conclusion that your through,

but I'm not cause we've been in this for nearly a year,

7 months to be exact, 

and I'd be damned if I let that go to waste,

I fucked up in so many ways,

but I totally understand if you came to the realization 

that I wasn't shit and I admit;

showing you I never cared was just apart of it,

it being the problem that never made us become one,

but I couldn't comprehend, not that I'm illiterate,

I was just oblivious that there was only one for me

and you honestly made that a possibility,

but I guess we're done forever,

and I regret it - if there was a button to go back I'd press them all,

but I guess I came to the realization too late, 

too late







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