The Invocation of Distant Souls: To my Future Self

I want you to remember this moment, remember this moment

It’s the reason your dreams ferment, this moment of torment

Of broken hearts, the enriching feeling of butterflies, and oh the laughter in your gaze

radiating through the shadow of darkness, remember the crushing lies, the prickly maze

the impending clarity, remember this moment, remember this moment...

he said,

Of broken promises, of shattered dreams and deceiving hearts and new beginnings

"You're stronger than the wallowing self-pity" they said, and too young to be

broken, and oh so pretty, but you knew that this was the beginning

the beating of the drums, the enchanting invocation of distant souls


Remember this moment, the reasons that your dreams ferment, the laughter in your eyes

the fading of darkness into light, the merging of two souls, against the sorrows of the night

Remember, remember this moment that you fell in love with me...but I woke up to a beautiful lie

mesmerizing eyes, the fermenting of my dreams, my heart always in conundrum

with the rumblings of distant souls, the perpetual whisper in my ears

     " I want you to remember this moment" he says

Of shattered dreams, candlelight dinners, puppets and heartstrings, jokers and kings in the same deck

the dying of the light, the impending dawn

"Remember this moment" I whisper silently into the night, the beginnings of the rumblings of a distant ancestor and the dying,

the dying of the light, a lone figure shrouded in the darkness of the light.

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My community


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